Imperial 'Good Companion' Model T Portable Typewriter

This is my latest typewriter, bought at the British Heart Foundation Furniture and Electrical Store (!) Yes its a bit of an odd place to find a typewriter, and it wasn't even me that spotted it. Wayne saw it in a display cabinet which was also for sale. I wasn't so sure about it first but then I started to think about it and went back to the shop later that day to buy it. It was £50 which is about the going rate for one (according to e-bay). The Good Companion was made from 1932 to 1961. I have no idea how old this one is but I believe typewriters with circular keys are older.

When I went back to the shop to buy it the lady there said she would be really sad to see it go, she really liked it and thought it was very cute. She also told me that it had been there a few weeks and this man came in a few times and tested it, he really wanted to buy it but his wife wouldn't let him. I told her if the man came in again to tell him it had gone to a good home, where it would be used and loved. It would not be an ornament on a shelf. I felt a bit sorry for the man, apparently his wife had said there wasn't enough room - she should see our flat! I am also surprised at Wayne, he always says how much he hates the "tapetty, tap, tap tap" and I already have 3 typewriters, but I think he secretly fell for it too, and wouldn't admit it.

The instruction book is really lovely and there are very detailed instructions on how to change the ribbon and maintain your typewriter. It does work, like the Underwood I just need to get a ribbon for it and maybe give it some oil - I'm sure the instruction manual will have all the details.

Close up of the crest on the typewriter it says "to the late King George" The style of the telephone above in the manual may also help date the typewriter.

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