Building A New Nest

Birds Nest at Dusk

I am in the process of a building a new nest, a new home on the internet :-)

It is still in the embryonic stages and there is not much content on there.  I have migrated the Blogger content from here and it can be found under the (surprise, surprise!) Blog link.  The formatting is a bit all over the place but the import came out better than I thought.  I will eventually re-direct from here to my main website and Precious Little Birdy will be no more :-(

I started this blog in December 2008 - I am a little bit sad.  I've enjoyed it on here, but in the last few years Blogger seems to have gone a bit dead.  So it makes me wonder how much longer it will last? I've decided to jump before I am pushed :-)  

I've found a tutorial showing how to do all the re-direction from here so hopefully (if there's anyone still out there) you won't lose me :-)

So long and thanks for all the fish :-)