Robin, Rubber Stamp Print

Robin Rubber Stamp Print 

I've been thinking about making a Robin print for a long time and had a few requests for one.  After a visit to the Eden Project in Cornwall I was inspired again to make one and more importantly finally got round to doing it.

The first time I visited the Eden Project I thought the bird song was a recording, but then found out that the cheeky little Robins had taken up residence in the bio-domes.

Again strange things started happening when I was photographing the print outside - there was a robin in a tree above me. Something similar happened when I photographed my Goldfinch print. I wonder how they know? ;-)

Robin Moleskine

Here are some photos of the stamp in progress. I did a drawing from a photograph I took at my parents house in Ireland. I did some tests with my inkpads to make sure I had the right colours. I ordered 3 different inkpads trying to get the rust/orange colour right and finally ended up using one I already had -  Memento Tangelo - but stamping it twice to get the depth of colour.

Original Drawing for Robin Print

Original Drawing and Photograh

First Cut, Robin Stamp

First Cut - outline

Robin Stamp, In progress

Almost finished - Experimenting with colouring pencils

Robin Stamp, Nearly Finished

Nearly there - testing inkpad colours

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