Twinkle Badge Story, Work In Progress

Twinkle Cover Experiments, Twinkle ©  D.C.Thomson&Co.,Ltd
Twinkle ©  D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd

This is one of the 3 or 4 books I am working on.  Its based on a piece of art I made for my MA below. It is a very short story about the Twinkle badge I took from my older sister. I want to make a very small book and I want the cover to look like an old Twinkle annual I have.  I have been experimenting with lots of glossy photo papers and brochure papers to try to get the same affect as the Twinkle Annual.

The best result so far is from Kodak Premium Photo Paper. Some print beautifully and give great colours but when you start to glue them to the book board you get all sorts of problems. Lots of screechy moments! With some paper the minute you start to touch it with the bonefolder it rubs the image off.  I know I am not using the paper for the purpose it was designed for so I shouldn't really complain. One of the best looking papers was Brilliant Supreme Glossy Photo Paper but it was just too thick and does not come in a lighter weight. It was a nightmare to glue and fold. Its the one at the back middle with the tear - I got a bit vigorous with the Teflon folder!

Twinkle Badge Story, Centrespace Gallery, Bristol
Twinkle Story, Centrespace Gallery, Bristol

I've also included the original photo of me wearing the 'stolen' badge :-) plus the complete story and the Twinkle Annual below.

Nannette & Angela (Angela wearing 'stolen' Twinkle Badge
© Tom Callanan

My older sister used to get a comic called Twinkle. A free badge was promised in the next issue, she waited and waited and was so excited about it, but when it arrived I cried until I got it. She talked about it for years…how I took the Twinkle badge. A few years ago I found an old Twinkle badge at home, I put it in a presentation case and gave it to her as part of her Christmas present. After thirty years she got her badge back. 

Twinkle Annual 1973, Twinkle ©  D.C.Thomson&Co.,Ltd
Twinkle ©  D.C.Thomson & Co., Ltd