Frozen Stars, Final Image

Frozen Stars, Final Print

Ever since I heard the term frozen star (the original name for black holes) in a book called the Physics of Start Trek I have been fascinated by it. I have been working on some frozen star images and this is the final print.  I really liked the other 2 images I made but I was not happy with the way they were printing. They look good on screen but don't print so well.  Maybe I shouldn't be such a perfectionist fusspot, but I just didn't think they were good enough. 

This is going to be a Limited Edition of 100 and I have chosen 4 different print sizes. They print beautifully on Somerset Enhanced Velvet. Somerset is my favourite paper at the moment. It really suits the images I am working with now and gives great colour representation and lovely texture too. It is a Giclee print using pigment inks. My HP B9180 despite some hiccups and shrieky moments (bits falling out!) always prints beautifully. I just love the results I get from it - otherwise it would have gone out the window a long time ago for all the stress it has caused me :-)

When I was making this I bought some silver stars. I started freezing them it looked good, but there was something missing. I was racking my brain trying to think of ideas - what could I use? I was walking up the stairs in work one day and I saw something shiny on the step. I picked it up and it was a little blue star - just the right size - no idea where it came from.  I added it to the ice that was freezing and it looked right, just what the piece needed.