Eperiments With Ice

Just doing some more experiments with freezing stuff in ice. I've started off freezing a feather and thought it looked so nice at this stage I would do a few test photos. I will gradually add more water to completely freeze it, but may end up going back to this image. This is for a series I've been doing called Weapons of Hurt & Healing. I've had the ideas in my head for some time and done must of the 'hurt' images. As I came to do the 'healing' I could really only think of one image which was the feather, which represents, birds, nature and wildlife. Now I am a bit unsure about the title for the series, especially after my boyfriend asked "how can you have a weapon of healing?". In some ways I quite like the idea because the concept of a 'weapon' of healing sounds good. What do others think?

Initially I was thinking I needed more 'healing' images for the series,  but then I realised that you don't need several weapons of healing. Sometimes all it takes is one thing to heal you.