Sleeping Piglet, Museum of Welsh Life

If you haven't realised by now by reading other blog posts, I love pigs. I think it all started about 8 years ago. I worked in a very stressful and busy job and if I was having a really bad day at work my boyfriend (Wayne) would send me a picture of a pig to cheer me up. The pictures always made me smile and somehow things didn't seem so bad. That was the start of all things pig related. Luckily The Museum of Welsh Life have pigs and every now and then we go to visit them (and the museum of course). Occasionally there will be piglets but yesterday was a triple whammy. Not only were there 2 litters of gorgeous piglets, but there were 3 adorable porkers (I think that's the correct term) running around in a field. This little sleeping piglet was my favourite, lying right next to his mother's trotter. Below is a video of the 3 little porkers.

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