Silver-Reed Silverette Typewriter

Silver-Reed Silverette - Ribbon
I've got a bit of a Typewriter obsession. It all started years ago when I was around 10 and we had an old Underwood typewriter. I used to write all sorts of ramblings on it, including plays (usually involving a murder mystery!)
I bought this lovely little Silver-Reed Silverette 7 years ago. I searched Cardiff for a typewriter and found this in a shop in Roath (no longer there). It is in lovely condition and works perfectly, I paid £10 for it. It has its own little case as well. I was quite surprised to find how easy it was to get ribbons for it - EC Osborne's have them. I had a particular piece of work that I wanted original typewriter text for - the Twinkle Badge Story. The text was enlarged to fit almost A1 size and screen printed (click on the image below to get a better idea of what it looked like).

I love the way you can see the indentations of typewritten text. When the print was enlarged to this size you could see all the little typewriter ink marks, like a little series of dots around the letters. Some people suggested I just used an 'old typewriter' font. Yuck! There are 3 images, the typewriter text (screen printed), the Twinkle Badge picture (large format inkjet), and the photo of me (smugly wearing the Twinkle badge) and my sister. This was screen printed onto 3 separate pieces of silk organza which were layered in a deep frame. It gave a lovely depth to the image.

So here you have the Twinkle Badge Story. How I took it from my sister, but after many years she got her badge back.

Seeing this old Argos Catalogue on Retrofinds was great and has helped me date my typewriter to 1976.

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