Swine Flu?

I haven't posted for a while, I've been ill for almost 6 weeks now. It started with flu symptoms and because of that I couldn't visit my Doctor because of the Swine Flu scare. When the symptoms didn't go away I eventually got to see my Doctor after 4 weeks. I tried to go back to work twice but it was just not happening. At one stage I thought I was going a bit mad, thinking surely I can't be ill for 4 weeks? It turned out I had a chest infection but because I couldn't see my Doctor I'll never know if it was this all along or whether I had Swine Flu or not. Either way, I had an untreated chest infection for at least 3 weeks, which is not good and ended up being ill for another 2 weeks after I finally saw the Doctor - the first lot of antibiotics didn't clear it up. I am now on my second lot of antibiotics (double the dose of the first one) and I really hope this is the end of it.

I ended up watching a lot of day time TV and though I never descended to the lows of Jeremy Kyle I did end up watching Psychic Detectives, which prompted me to drag myself into work the next Monday - because I thought I am really losing the plot if I am watching this stuff, but I was still unwell and didn't last the day in work.

I gained a new appreciation for Murder She Wrote - my Granny used to love that program. I used to tease her and say that she really fantasised about being Jessica Fletcher. I can't believe the amount of really famous actors that appear in cameo roles in the series. In the Paint Me a Murder episode alone, you had both Stewart Granger and Cesar Romero.

I shamefully admit I got addicted to both Project Runway (US) and Project Catwalk (UK version). I can't believe they cancelled the UK version, its such a shame - I just think it was a great opportunity for undiscovered Designers to get some exposure.

Watching Murder She Wrote again makes me think that the 80's was really the Golden Age of TV - or is it just my own perception? Anyways, as much as I enjoyed revisiting Murder She Wrote I really hope that this is the end of my little sojourn with daytime TV. A lot of people may find this hard to believe but I really do want to be better and go back to work. Fingers crossed....

[Piggy picture taken by me at Clarinbridge Fair, Galway, Ireland, 2005 - notice the little piglet sitting on its sibling - back right of the photo.]