Open Links In A New Page or Tab

When you have links on your blog, when people click on them it leads away from your blog. If you don't want this to happen all you need to do is add a small piece of the code into the link.

You need to go into "Edit HTML" wherever the link is e.g. Blog Post, or the links I have at the intro. to my blog.

You need to insert the text as shown in the examples (above & 1 below) making sure its in between the rose pink bits.
Depending on what browser settings the end user has chosen, the link will either open in a new window or a new tab (this setting is in both Firefox V3.08 and IE 7).

There are those who believe that designing links to open lots of different windows is bad practice and equivalent to those irritating Pop Ups you sometimes get. But I think this came before the advent of Tabbed Browsing. My own personal preference is I like links to open in new tabs so I can keep track of where I started browsing.

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